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Environmental Audits for
Property Transactions


Environmental Compliance
and Permitting
Contamination Assessments
and Remediation Design

Hydro-Environmental Technology, Inc. personnel have conducted numerous environmental audits for clients ranging from financial institutions and real estate developers to oil and gas exploration companies, the Small Business Administration (SBA), and numerous other types of large and small companies. HET has the personnel and experience to protect client interests in the area of property transactions.

Professional Hydrogeologists within Hydro-Environmental Technology, Inc. have conducted numerous Hydrogeologic Investigations involving the identification of municipal water well locations, the study of aquifers beneath a commercial salt water disposal facility, and regional assessments of ground and surface water supplies.

Hydro-Environmental Technology, Inc. has conducted and successfully completed permits that range from Louisiana Water Discharge Permits to permits for Commercial Salt Water Disposal Well facilities. Having a working knowledge of state and federal regulations allows HET to complete any permit or compliance need in the most effective manner.

Hydro-Environmental Technology, Inc. professional staff has conducted numerous contamination assessments at sites ranging from small underground storage tank facilities to large scale industrial facilities. In addition, HET has completed numerous risk assessments in accordance with LDEQ' s RECAP to evaluate the risk posed by contaminants at various facilities and determination of the potential for impacts to site usage.
Industrial Hazardous
Waste Management
Safety and Industrial
Hygiene Services
Oil and Gas Industry
Compliance Services
Environmental Drilling
and Sampling Services

Hydro-Environmental Technology, Inc. provides a wide range of services for industrial hazardous waste determination and control as required by federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

Providing worker protection and employee safety is a number one priority of Hydro-Environmental Technology, Inc. Developing strategies to maintain compliance with current and proposed regulations have been a mainstay at HET.

Located in the heart of the oil and gas industry, Hydro-Environmental Technology, Inc. understands about completing the job correctly the first time and the importance of service to clients. HET provides numerous types of environmental services to the oil and gas industry.

Hydro-Environmental Technology, Inc. experience of over twenty (20) years of environmental drilling techniques can be applied to meet most any sampling need.
Litigation Support Services
Field Services Division

Hydro-Environmental Technology, Inc. has been providing litigation support services since 1988. Typical support services are in the form of expert reports, deposition defense, expert witness, and trial exhibit preparation.

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As part of client services, HET provides duck hunting in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, coastal saltwater fishing in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, and Wild Western Slope Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout Fishing in Northwest Montana.

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