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Determining the source and the horizontal and vertical extent of contamination in impacted media, whether resulting from historical industrial activities, storage tanks, or past leakage and spillage, is essential in determining risk liability. Contamination assessments range from preliminary investigations as part of property transactions, for example, to full scale risk assessments in accordance with the LDEQ Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program (RECAP). The completion of a proper assessment, taking into account the many parameters, site specific information, and options necessary to conduct a risk assessment of the facility, is vital for an accurate scientific depiction of site conditions. Once a proper assessment is conducted, evaluation of the site, with relation to the RECAP document, can be made to determine the appropriate course of action. If necessary, corrective or remedial actions must be initiated to control or halt contaminant plume migration. Capturing and/or removing contamination from the impacted media of concern are/is necessary to prevent further company liability and protect the environment.

Hydro-Environmental Technology, Inc. professional staff has conducted numerous contamination assessments at sites ranging from small underground storage tank facilities to large scale industrial facilities. In addition, HET has completed numerous risk assessments in accordance with LDEQ's RECAP to evaluate the risk posed by contaminants at various facilities and determination of the potential for impacts to site usage. HET's experience offers the detail of risk evaluation options tailored to site conditions to allow for site management or the design and implementation of effective and cost efficient remedial action systems.

Once the need to remediate or corrective actions are identified, HET's design and knowledge of several remedial proven techniques allow for a design that works best to limit impact liability, allow for continued usage of the property, meet regulatory requirements, and protect the environment. HET has designed remediation systems for groundwater and soil treatment that range from monitored natural attenuation to dual phase extraction and from activated carbon and mini-defused air stripping canisters to soil vapor extraction systems.

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Response Action Contractor:

Preliminary Site Assessments
Contamination Assessment Reports, including definition of both the horizontal and vertical extent of contamination in impacted media, such as
     groundwater, soil, ambient air, soil gas, and surface water.
Risk Assessment Reports, including the definition of source size and width, groundwater classifications and flow directions, site specific input
     parameters and evaluation, and the calculation of risk standards for impacted media.
Remedial Action Plans that include location and design of groundwater and/or soil treatment systems
Monitoring of Remedial Action Systems to track effectiveness
Environmental Drilling Services - monitor wells and borings
Underground Storage Tank Management





Typical Remedial Design Implementations:

Free Product Recovery
Soil Vapor Extraction
Bio Venting
Dual Phase Extraction
Bio-remediation Application
Groundwater Extraction and Treatment Systems
Public Water Supply Protection

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