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HET conducts successful remedial projects utilizing staff experience and knowledge to design and implement appropriate remedial strategies that will effectively protect the environment, comply with current regulations, and satisfy the client in the most feasible manner possible. Over the years, remedial techniques have been implemented by HET in an effort to resolve soil and groundwater contamination issues at a variety of sites.

Soil remedial activities designed and implemented by HET staff have included the following: in-situ remediation of salt impacted soils, in-situ remediation of hydrocarbon impacted soils, contaminated soil source removal by excavation, oilfield pit remediation and closure, and decommissioning/remediation of oilfield production facilities. In-situ remedial projects routinely involve applications of appropriate soil amendments, plowing/tilling of amendments and nutrients, preparation of seed beds, and contour/leveling of sites for proper drainage. Determining the appropriate soil amendments, application rates, and incorporation processes are vital in the success of the remedial project. Source removal projects involve the assessment, design, and organization of the contaminated soil removal, including excavation, transportation, disposal, and backfilling operations. Soil remedial projects are designed and conducted by HET personnel primarily utilizing company owned and operated equipment.

Groundwater remedial projects conducted by HET have included site assessment activities, remedial design, and implementation of groundwater treatment systems at various sites. Remedial designs include free product recovery, soil vapor extraction, bio venting, dual phase extraction, and bio-remediation applications. Groundwater treatment systems are designed, built, installed, and maintained by HET personnel.

In-Situ Remediation of Salt Impacted Soils
In-Situ Remediation of Hydrocarbon Impacted Soils
Contaminated Soil Source Removal by Excavation
Oilfield Spill/Leak Remediation
Oilfield Pit Remediation and Regulatory Closure
Decommissioning/Remediation of Oilfield Production Facilities
Groundwater Remediation and Aquifer Restoration







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