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Mr. Stover, who received both a bachelor's and master's degree of Science in Geosciences from Northeast Louisiana University, has over thirty-one (31) years of experience in conducting detailed environmental assessments and remediation studies for soils and groundwater, along with surface and subsurface geological investigations in the Southeast, Gulf Coast, and Rocky Mountains of the United States. As Senior Hydrogeologist with a large environmental consulting firm in Florida and South Carolina, he conducted and authored numerous technical reports on carbonate and clastic multi-aquifer systems; environmental and contaminate hydrogeology; numerical modeling of groundwater flow; groundwater monitoring programs; and landfill placement, permitting, and monitoring. He was also retained as the consulting hydrogeologist for several municipalities in the state of Florida, in charge of choosing well field locations and determining water quality and aquifer characterization, as well as in the evaluation and development of areas for environmentally sound landfills.

After relocation from the east coast to his hometown in Lafayette, Louisiana, Mr. Stover has continued to excel in his ability to evaluate and respond to environmental concerns at various commercial and industrial facilities. He has conducted numerous Phase I and Phase II investigations of property involved in acquisitions and title transfers. He has also conducted large scale hydrogeological assessments of industrial facilities and underground storage tank facilities in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, and Colorado.

Mr. Stover has designed numerous groundwater treatment systems for remediation of volatile organic constituents. He has also designed numerous soil remedial systems, including soil vapor extraction, bioventing, and soil washing systems, to remove volatile compounds and hydrocarbon contaminants. Numerous soil and groundwater treatment systems are currently in operation in the state with the design approved by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ). Site closure status has also been granted at numerous sites throughout the state after remediation by these systems.

Mr. Stover has been recognized as an expert witness in the states of Louisiana and Texas in the field of hydrogeology, contaminate hydrogeology, environmental regulation, environmental forensics, soil and groundwater remediation, and Phase I environmental assessments, with experience ranging from underground storage tanks to hazardous waste, to oilfield-related types of contamination, as well as pesticides in surface water. He has been an expert witness in the state of Florida as a Hydrogeologist in the field of landfill sighting and groundwater monitoring. His experience and hands-on working knowledge of contamination migration and the controlling geologic factors, as well as experience with interacting and negotiating with LDEQ and the LDNR officials and other third party entities, have allowed him to develop a wide-ranging knowledge of environmental problems and solutions that affect the people and industries in numerous states.

Mr. Stover has attended various seminars and professional society meetings in Louisiana that cover broad ranging topics, including environmental laws regarding property transfer and groundwater supplies in the state of Louisiana. Mr. Stover has been an invited guest lecturer at different professional organizations. He is a Registered Professional Hydrogeologist in the states of Louisiana (#440), Tennessee (#750), Arkansas (#842), Alabama (#269), Mississippi (#360), and Texas (#4300). During the period of 2002 to 2003, he was an integral part of the team which developed and wrote the State of Louisiana Groundwater Management for the Department of Natural Resources and the State of Louisiana, Office of the Governor.


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