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Mr. Pigott, who received both a bachelor's and master's degree of Science in Geosciences from Northeast Louisiana University, joined Hydro-Environmental Technology, Inc. in 1993 and has been managing the Phase I/Phase II Environmental Site Investigation program since that time by both conducting and supervising others performing investigations. Additionally, he is responsible for developing subsurface investigation plans and budgets to address identified environmental concerns and/or potential concerns, as identified during visual site inspections for various commercial and industrial sites, including manufacturing, farming, oil field, and fuel storage facilities (aboveground and underground).

Mr. Pigott has also been the Project Manager on numerous UST related activities, including removal and closure, site investigations (soil and groundwater) at UST facilities, and RECAP assessments of UST sites, being responsible for plan preparation with costs and submittal to the LDEQ for approval and plan implementation, including drilling and sampling, field screening, preparation of geologic boring logs, evaluation of vertical and horizontal extent of contamination, identification of potential sources, appropriate well and boring placement locations, and compilation of all data into a final report that characterizes the contaminant plume at a site. He is also experienced with Modflow groundwater modeling software, utilized to determine groundwater flow, effects of pumping, and contaminant migration.

As Project Manager for groundwater monitoring at several UST facilities, Mr. Pigott is in charge of compiling groundwater data, preparation of groundwater flow and contaminant plume maps, and the preparation of Groundwater Monitoring Reports for the LDEQ. Based on changing site conditions, he makes the appropriate recommendations for site activities, along with the preparation of plans with costs for approval by the LDEQ under the Louisiana Motor Fuels UST Trust Fund Program. Based on his experience and knowledge of geological settings and contaminant plume characteristics, he also provides valuable input into remedial action plans and designs.

Mr. Pigott has served as the Senior Hydrogeologist for the investigation and determination of the presence/absence of underground sources of drinking water (USDW), including the mapping of regional hydrogeological units and evaluation of water quality within identified aquifers. He has also conducted numerous hydrogeological investigations for well placement during the expansion of municipal water plants, which included field testing of the aquifer, calculations of aquifer parameters, and computer modeling of drawdown. Mr. Pigott is a registered Professional Geologist in the states of Louisiana (#432), Alabama (#363), Florida (#1587), Mississippi (#564), and Texas (#6366).

Mr. Pigott completed the Wetlands Delineation Workshop sponsored by LSU and is experienced in field mapping of wetland boundaries, determining property development options for individuals and municipalities, report preparation for wetland determination by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the completion and submittal of permit applications for dredging, filling, and development of wetlands.

Mr. Pigott is experienced in providing litigation support, including geological expertise, hydrogeological determinations, site evaluations, and technical data and document review with interpretations and recommendations.


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